Overflow Gift

Southeast Christian Church began in a home on February 4, 1962. Over the years Jesus has been faithful to us and our ministry along the Wasatch Front. Thousands of lives have been changed for eternity through the power of the Gospel and this church.

As a way to give thanks to Jesus, this November we will receive a special offering. This is the OVERFLOW GIFT. We will be receiving gifts through November 30th and the total amount received will be announced on December 6th. 

The OVERFLOW GIFT will be given Alfred Murillo and the Synergy in Action Network.

This fall we opened a monthly food bank and clothing closet. Alfred has been instrumental in helping us get started. We have committed to partner with his ministry once a month for the foreseeable future. You need to know that Alfred’s ministry goes far beyond Southeast. They are ministering to people across the Wasatch Front and the rest of Utah.

Specifically, here is what Synergy in Action does.

  • Resource churches, community organizations and nonprofits to feed those in need.
  • Resource distribution points with clothing, household items and furniture.
  • Equip nonprofits and community outreach centers with adult intervention programing.
  • Partner with the UTPFH to mobilize our medical unit to neighborhoods that are in need of health care offering medical, dental, optical and behavior health.
  • Host children's intervention programs, including Back to School backpacks, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas boxes, Summer Camps, School Assemblies and crisis intervention.

Recently I spoke with Alfred about the OVERFLOW GIFT. He said they would use the money to purchase another refrigerator truck. They distribute food all over the state and they have no warehouse to store food. They utilize box trucks and shipping containers to organize and distribute. The box trucks are vital to the ministry. Another refrigerator truck would allow them to distribute more food and alleviate problems when a truck goes in for repair.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more about Alfred and Synergy in Action.

As I reflect on the OFERFLOW GIFT, I want you to think deeply about your relationship with Jesus. Certainly, I hope that we will raise significant funds for Synergy in Action. How incredible would it be if we raised enough money to purchase two refrigerator trucks?!

As you consider participating in the OVERFLOW GIFT, would you consider the deeper purpose of giving? Giving is always a reflection our relationship with God. My prayer for Southeast is that as we give, we would pause and consider our relationship with Jesus, our Savior.

Sometimes we approach our relationship with God the way we approach taxes or other financial obligations. I will pay what I need, hoping that I will have some left over for myself. However, Jesus does not desire to have part of you, Jesus wants ALL of you. Jesus does not want to be number one in your life. Jesus wants to be everything in your life. EXTRAVAGANT GIVING IS WHERE TRUTH COLLIDES WITH REAL LIFE.

Again, my prayer for you is that you would consider your relationship with Jesus. Would you consider how much he has given you? Would you consider that he gave everything for you? Would you consider how much you have been forgiven? Will you let the OVERFLOW GIFT reflect his saving grace in your life?

Will you begin praying now about what God would have you give extravagantly (over and above your regular giving) to the OVERFLOW GIFT? 

Please mark you checks or online gifts with “OVERFLOW GIFT.” 

frequently asked Questions

Why a Special Offering?

As part of Jesus’ plan to grow the faith of the people in His church, He calls us to sacrificial giving from time to time.  A special offering is an opportunity for us to grow in our faith and to prepare us for what Jesus wants to do through Southeast Christian Church. 

What’s the Difference Between the Regular Offering and this Special Offering?

The Regular Offering is the money received on a systematic bases throughout the year. People give to the regular offering as a response to Jesus’ grace and to sustain the work of the ministry at Southeast Christian Church.

Many people choose to give a proportion of their income as a regular line in their personal budget. Some people choose to give 10%. 10%, this is a tithe by definition. Others choose to give a lower or higher percentage of their income. From time to time there are opportunities to give in a sacrificial way.  This would be extravagant giving, above a person’s regular proportional giving. The OVERFLOW GIFT is one of those sacrificial occasions that stretch us to grow in our faith.  The OVERFLOW GIFT should be over and above what a person regularly gives.

How Much Should I Give?

The goal is to raise $15,000. The OVERFLOW GIFT will involve everyone. Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift that will stretch your faith.  The precise amount you give is between you and God.  Many in our church can give a $1,000, $5,000, or even a $10,000 gift.  Others will be able to give between $20 and $100.  The issue is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.  What amount can you give that will stretch your faith?

When Should I Give?

Feel free to give anytime between now and November 30th. However, we will not be revealing how much has been received until December 6thPlease make sure to mark your donation as “OVERFLOW GIFT.”

Remember, consistent gifts over time add up – a person setting aside $25 per week over a four-week period will allow him or her to give $100 to the OVERFLOW GIFT.

Can I Give Online Via Bank Check or Through Auto-Debit?

Yes.  When you give at Southeast.cc via online giving, simply select “OVERFLOW GIFT” under the “Fund” drop-down menu. Likewise, you can use your bank online payment option to send a check directly to the church office.  Again, simply mark in the memo area that your gift is for the “OVERFLOW GIFT”.


Can I Give In-Kind Gifts of Stocks or Bonds?

Yes, absolutely!  Since Southeast Christian Church is a 501c3 organization there can be tremendous tax benefits for you by giving in-kind gifts.  For more information on this type of giving, simply call the church office.  

Are My Gifts Tax-Deductible?

All gifts to Southeast Christian Church, whether via the regular offering or to the OVERFLOW GIFT, are completely tax- deductible.  Your gift will be deductible in the tax year.  Please be sure to include your name and address when you give so that a receipt can be sent to you for your tax preparations.  You are not required to utilize a tax-deduction for your gift, but it is available for all gifts.

How Will I Know How Much Money Was Given?

Please pray for God’s guidance as we all give sacrificially.  You will be updated on our giving progress during the Sunday worship service.  Reaching this goal will be a celebration of what we can do together as we stretch our faith under God’s leadership. We will announce the final amount on December 6th during the worship service.


Have additional questions?  Please contact us!