Southeast Kids

Welcome to Southeast Kids! We offer nursery care and classes for both the Worship Hour at 9:30am and for the Group Hour at 10:45am. The current classes we offer are:

Infant-2 years

If you have a child in this age range, they will love our nursery. We provide a supportive and nurturing space where our caring volunteers provide secure and fun environment so you can take a break, connect, and enjoy service.



Your pre-school aged children will love Southeast Kids! It is a unique place where Gods Word comes to life through biblical based worship, play, and lessons. Your child will learn, laugh, make friends, grow, and fill their desire to connect with something bigger than themselves while they explore.


1st-5th grade

We provide our kids with a hands-on approach to life through a biblical lens through engaging lessons designed for their age. Instead of leading independent isolated classes each lesson builds upon one another, no activity stands alone. We encourage and foster, discipleship, spiritual growth, relationships by spending time with God and others, and how to identify and use their gifts of love. We provide easy to learn truths in different learning styles from worship, arts, and games so kids have an opportunity to use all their creative talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child be kept safe?

We take safety seriously. As a newcomer when you enter our building, we have a children’s station on the right where you will be assisted by one of our volunteers to check you and your child into Southeast Kids. When you check your kids in, you will receive a sticker that matches your child’s. We require all kids’ 5th grade and under to be checked in by a parent or guardian and escorted to their class by a parent or guardian. If your child has a special need or medical issue or allergy that we need to know about, please let your child's teacher know when you drop them off. 

What does a typical Sunday look like in classes?

Teachers will welcome the kids into the classroom. To start the day they will pray together before worship. After worship they will have their lesson and a craft. There is generally a game for the kids to play before the day wraps up with snack time!