Weekly Reading Clubs

The Reading Club at SCC will gather weekly through Zoom Meetings and Google Classrooms. Using Google Classroom we will connect with our reading club participants outside of the Zoom Meetings. The Google Classroom is where support materials will be shared. Read aloud gatherings through Zoom will give all participants the opportunity to hear stories with others. Small group conversations about those stories will take place in Zoom "Breakout" rooms. All this happens through the support of retired classroom teachers who continue to relish their time with readers of all ages. Open-ended, compelling questions will fuel our conversations. Although we hope the participants gain much from hearing wonderful stories, our main goal is connection. We are coming to the table as people who hear and people who listen. In conversing about books we will not be looking for a particular answer. We all come to a story from our own unique place. We look forward to conversations with our participants, always interested in what they think without intention to shape or change their thoughts.


It is our hope to be communicators who want to connect.


Our 4th and 5th graders will meet from 9-10am on Saturdays.

Our 2nd and 3rd graders will meet from 3:30-4:30pm on Thursdays.


Please register your child using the form below! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Reading Partners

Expand your child’s reading performance with a Reading Partner and one to one Zoom Meetings. Our aim is to support readers, struggling to proficient, in order to improve their reading skills which results in reading being more fun! 

Reading aloud has many lasting benefits. Readers gain confidence, increase their accuracy and word recognition, and reading-aloud increases the volume of text read which is just what struggling readers need.  Reading aloud builds all readers’ knowledge base and supports understanding!

Here’s the Reading Partner process:

  • A Reading Partner comes along side (Zoom Meeting) the child multiple times a week to read.
  • Thirty minutes sessions (time and frequency to be determined by Reading Partner and parents)
  • Sessions consist of
  • A Reading Partner from Southeast Christian Church Community (complete background checks)
  • A reader
  • Shared text which both can view
  • Child reads and Partner listens
  • Partner guides child at difficulty by asking reader to re-read or try again or providing the word
  • Conversation about the text read

Please register your child by using the form below! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Literacy Project Registration

Please fill out the form to register your student for the appropriate Literacy Project event. Please fill out one registration form per child attending.

Email addresses will be used to send reminders and the links to Zoom and Google Classrooms.

Addresses will be used to mail books and other materials when necessary.

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