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What's the Difference?

Mormonism, Islam, New Age Spiritualism, Catholicism, Protestantism, so what's the Difference? With all the varying faiths around us, what are we to believe? What do other religions really teach? In this series we'll examine why we can believe the Bible, what other religions teach and how to talk to people of other faiths.

Spirituality Series Spirituality

Declared Good News vs a Feeling

Grace vs Karma Series Grace vs Karma

What's the difference between Historical Biblical Christianity and Eastern…

Grace vs Works Series Grace vs Works

The difference of a relationship by works and death to one by grace and…

Authority of Scriptures Series Authority of Scriptures

Matthew 16:13-20 Christians follow Jesus and submit to the authority of…

What's the Difference? Introduction Series What's the Difference? Introduction

The Gospel is our GPS for our pursuit of Jesus.