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Recent Media

Authority Series Authority

What has the authority over your life? "That which we fear is…

Gaining by Losing Series Gaining by Losing

Join us as we tackle John 12:20-26.

The Fig Tree Series The Fig Tree

Jesus vs. Fig Tree

Jesus Is Lord Series Jesus Is Lord

From the line of Judah to the King of Kings.


The Gospel of Mark Part 5

The Gospel of Mark: Part 5

Up Week

This week, we are celebrating our graduates and the students that are changing classes.

The Gospel of Mark Part 4

Join us as we continue going through the Bible's shortest Gospel.

Finding Your Way Back To God

When we feel lost, how do we find our way back to God?

The Gospel of Mark Part 3

Part 3: Continue through Mark's account of Jesus!


Transform in 2017!

Gaining Clarity

Hype vs Hope


A brief series on evangelism

Idop (International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church)

Pray for brothers and sisters in Christ around the world

The Gospel of Mark Part 2

Mark’s gospel portrays Jesus as constantly on the move. The forward motion in Mark’s writing keeps the knowledgeable reader’s mind continual

Now's the Time!

Now's the time to come to church!


The Rich Man and Lazarus from Luke 16:19-31

The Global Day of Prayer

Celebrate Pentecost! Acts 2

The Gospel of Mark

Jesus, according to Mark


He's risen indeed!

The Same Power

"The same power that rose Jesus from the grave. The same power that commands the dead to wake, lives in us, lives in us..." -Jeremy Camp

India Mission Trip Highlights

A reporting from the team that went to India in January to visit our missionaries there.

Busted Heart; Hope for Broken Relationships





Everyone wants to belong somewhere. Our entire lives are driven to find a place where we fit. It is a need we all feel – to know others and


A look at forgiveness through the eye of Philemon

Christmas Eve Message

Christmas Eve message celebrating the birth of our Savior

Kings, Shepherds, and a Dragon

Join us this December as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Savior who is Christ the Lord.

Contagious Generosity

Generosity is contagious. Those who receive it take notice, and those who exercise it are changed forever.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

"Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body." Hebrews 13:

What's the Difference?

In this series we'll examine why we can believe the Bible, what other religions teach and how to talk to people of other faiths.

Complete Surrender

Jesus came for the broken and lost. He came for the outcasts of society. Everybody was invited. There was just one catch...


Moses encountered God in a burning bush. What would happen if we encountered God?

Before the Throne: 31 Days of Prayer

Before the Throne 31 Days of Prayer where we learn to pray and pray together.

The Marks of Jesus

Find out what the marks of Jesus are

LDS Transitions Conference

Conference held at SCC June 2015 with special speakers, Michael & Lynn Wilder and others

Up Week

Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity...



Guest Speakers

August 7, 2016 Welcome Tommy White
October 16, 2016 Terry Stine, Boise Bible College
January 29, 2017 Dean Trune, Intentional Impact Ministr

Elephants in the Room

“Elephants in the Room.” A sermon series about what everybody is thinking about and nobody is talking about.

Celebrate Easter 2015

This Easter come renew the spiritual side of your life.

Water to Wine: John's Gospel

The miracles of Jesus recorded in John's Gospel are an invitation to life in the Kingdom of God.

Best Year Ever

Your best year ever; let the impossible become the possible!

Get to Jesus

Get to Jesus

Christmas Eve 2014

It’s the heart of God, loving us so much that he sent his son Jesus to free us from our past and give us hope for the future.

Christ the Heart of Christmas

Because Christ is a prophet I have no fear, because Christ is a Priest I approach God boldly, because Christ is King I trust.