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Week of 6/18

Fatherhood calls for many challenges and hardships, which every dad bears with pride and happiness. Your dad has been your first friend who has always been with you, no matter what. He is the one person who has bestowed you with unconditional love and care, without asking for anything in return. When it comes to the relationship you share with your father, there are absolutely no strings attached. He may not show, but he is always there for you, with his unwavering support and assistance.

 We know that some of you don’t have the best relationship with your father, but our imperfect fathers point us to our Heavenly Father. 

This Father's Day, we would like to take an opportunity to seek blessings for your father, with a special prayer of gratitude. 

Global Prayer Point

On March 24, 2014, the ordinary Sunday morning in Mombasa, Kenya, quickly shifted into a deadly chaos. The day started with prayer and a church service, but it ended with seven dead congregants and twenty-one severely injured church members.

The attackers struck the Joy in Jesus Pentecostal Church in the Likoni area on Kenya’s east coast. Three masked young men interrupted the church service with gunfire.

Austin, a church member, and his family were gravely affected. Austin received several bullet wounds and the lasting effects don’t allow him to work. His wife, Diana, had very serious injuries. She suffered multiple fractures to her leg, and ribs and spent five months recuperating in the Kijabe hospital in south central Kenya, with care VOM, Voice of the Martyrs, arranged.

However, Diana knew “there was no other hope except in God;” her trust was in her Savior. “When the accident happened, I was very discouraged, but God’s Word encouraged me and I am now able to stand,” she told VOM workers several months later.

VOM has stood by the couple for the past three years as Diana has undergone extensive medical treatment. Diana was due for another surgery this spring, but her surgeon had to leave the country. VOM field workers continue to provide support by helping her seek the right care and reschedule the surgery.

Diana asks that we pray for:

  • Her health
  • Her marriage
  • That she may reach her family with the Gospel

Week of 6/11

This week we celebrate Up-Week. This week at Southeast Christian Church our children and students move up one grade level in their programming. This also means that we are celebrating graduations for our high school students and colleges students. Would you please pray with us as we pray for them? Please pray specifically:

  • For parents, who lead them and guide them to be closer to Jesus, as their children transition another year.
  • Pray for the children and students to know the height and the depth of the love of Christ in their hearts.
  • Pray for Southeast as we cultivate a culture of discipleship for all ages.

Global Prayer Point

Death threats have been a standard part of ministry life for “Xavier Gonzalez,” a church planter working one of Colombia’s most dangerous regions: a poor, rural area currently ruled by paramilitaries.

Before he moved into ministry, Xavier had a successful career in broadcasting. But in 2009, God directed him to begin a church in one of Colombia’s poorest cities.

In the 12 years since he yielded to the call, Xavier says God has kept him through everything. He’s been threatened by guerrillas, paramilitary members and even street gangs. His wife was robbed at gunpoint, and the robbers told her, “If you see us again, pretend you’ve never seen us before. If not, we’ll kill you.” Near the beginning of his ministry, a leftist guerrilla told him the reason why the armed groups fighting against the government hate Christians. The man told Xavier, “My boss hates Christians because Christians make people not want to join our ranks.” Please pray for one of the following points

  • Pray That Xavier’s Ministry continues to affect peoples lives
  • Pray that God continues to keep Xavier and his family safe from harm
  • Pray that God can change the hearts of those that persecute Xavier’s family

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